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What does Susherito mean?

Sushero is one of the many Spanish words to refer to an Itamae, sushi man or sushi Chef, so Susherito would be something like The Little Sushi Chef, in our case he is a Master


When was Susherito created?

It was designed and created in 2008 by the Creative Director Aristides Silva (USA), to use it as a personal branding for his son in law, who is a sushi freak entrepreneur and restaurateur specialised in Japanese gastronomy since 20 years ago (AKA Susherito).


Are Susherito's collections generative art?

No, they are handcrafted by Susherito's 13 years old daughter in an IPadPro using Procreate. Reason why the editions are limited and very unique, so no "gen art" software at all, just an Apple Pencil and a lot of patience, we upload each collectible manually too.


How many collectibles each collection has?

To start with, our aim is to create 100 NFT for each collection, we will drop them step by step. After sold them out, once in a while we will drop a couple of new and rare NFT for special occasions with different prices (bidding).  


What about the #0001 collectibles?

Those are the original version and files, those are the most significants and special ones in every single way, everything started with the #0001. They will come available after the collection is completely sold out (for bidding starting at 1 ETH). 


How many collection have you created?

Each figurine has their own collection: 



World's first NFT Sushitaco?

Inspired in Piss Alley street food market (Tokyo) and Mexican street food stalls, we fusionend the best of the Latin and Japanese food, to get a new hardcore NFT street food, noritacos or as the people usually call them, sushitacos.

Eventually with the time there will be more NFT noritacos or sushitacos, however this is the first one ever.


 Where do you sell your artwork?

We sell our artwork at opensea.io


What blockchain do you use to mint your NFT?

We use ETH & sometimes polygon blockchain for cheaper gas fees


Do you have other Social Media channels?

Yes, basically you can find Susherito in the most popular ones, Felipe is the one behind it, he is a pilot who loves sushi, together with his wife have been developed successful Japanese restaurants in Madrid, Mallorca, Miami, Puerto Rico, London, with some recognition and awards in the hospitality industry.


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