If you think wasabi is just a spicy thing... You're wrong!

publicado 25/4/16
It is very clear that most of you have ever heard of wasabi, and for sure many of you have had a bad experience with it, especially those who are starting in this world of sushi, is often confused with guacamole, many others Japanese restaurants regulars does not have very clear what wasabi really is or how it should be consumed.

Wasabi is a green root, part of the radish, turnip and mustard family, is rich in vitamin C, it stimulates the production of saliva and aids digestion. It has powerful antibacterial properties and is a mild antiseptic, for this reason formerly in Japan was also used as a method of preserving of fish or cure skin wounds.

Produces a completely different chillies, pepper or chile hotness, is a nasal spicy, make a strong feeling taste, is used to enhance the flavor of sushi, even in the land of the rising sun it is call namida, means tears in Japanese, it is what we will get if we consume too much at once. If you don't believe me, just take a look at this funny video...

(Wasabi the movie 2001) 

In the West is very difficult to find the whole root, usually we could see the dried powder one to which we must add water to make the dough, usually has a purity of 50%, then could get on the market Nama wasabi, it comes in a frozen paste format, it contains small pieces of wasabi root and can have 80% purity.

For 100% pure wasabi, we rub against a wooden grater covered by sharkskin, be careful, once obtained we should let it stand a couple of minutes otherwise we could not handle it.

Important tip, when eating sushi, you should not mix the wasabi with the soy sauce, to eat it in the right way, must apply a bit of wasabi on the piece of sushi neta (topping) we would like to taste and then dipping into the soy sauce.

With no middle ground, wasabi, is like those love-hate relationships. This root is so popular and claimed that its flavor have included in Kit-Kat chocolates, chips and peas, among other things.

Did you know that wasabi lovers enjoy a lot of health & beauty benefits? 

Here are five surprising effects provided by the regular consumption of this family peculiar mustard and radish.

Reason 1: Avoid food poisoning
It contains allyl isothiocyanate, a potent insecticide and bactericide that helps fight bacteria in food possible. It also helps prevent food poisoning, neutralize and kill any mold spores are present also helps minimize the risk of an upset stomach after eating.

Reason 2: It keeps you young
Sulfinyl, a liberated compound when fresh wasabi is grated, is a potent antioxidant. Its regular consumption could help reverse premature aging, decreasing reactive oxygen in the body, also it contributes to reduced overall body wear as a result of the natural aging process.

Reason 3: It may help prevent certain cancers
In addition to keep you young, wasabi may also reduce the risk of cancer due to its anti-inflammatory properties that provide defense against cancer cells.

Reason 4: It's great for circulation
Prevents blood clots, reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The beneficial effects on the circulatory system are also praised, it helps maintain cardiovascular health and maintain clear skin.

Reason 5: Fighting colds and allergies
The intake of a large chunk of wasabi is a safe way to clean your sinuses blocked by a cold, flu or allergies. The gas release allyl isothiocyanate helps fight colds and flu that attack the respiratory tract.

Some specialist recommend taking a teaspoon of wasabi each day...

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