Tombo, a nice matcha bar for matcha lovers...

publicado 1/4/16
After a long time looking for a place to enjoy a good Japanese dessert in London, I found Tombo.

So last Sunday, we  woke up early to go to the Natural History Museum and took the opportunity to finish the afternoon visiting this matcha bar and cafe.

From outside looks very nice, as we walked-in upon a queque, we realized it was full and although was very little, it has different divided environments, even a tiny terrace with a couple of tables.

While we're waiting in line for a table (5 minutes), we could delight ourselves watching the variety of desserts on the display and the sushi chef making some dishes as well. 

The truth is that all looked spectacular, I did not know which to choose, one that most caught my attention was the matcha tiramisu and macaroons, I took note to order them later at the table.

It is noteworthy that the atmosphere is very cozy with traditional Japanese simply decorative details and symbols that were combined with London’s style. The noise was considerable, although no longer upset you when the desserts arrives to the table.

Once we seated, I realized that we arrived late for a desserts tasting, they offered it till 5pm. A pity, but it’s an excuse to come back, we should always see the positive side of everything, don’t you think?

We missed a waiter suggestion, recommendation an a little smile too. They looked like humanoids, but then I though, hold on, we are not in Tokyo.  So we ordered following our instinct and of course the entrance's display. We went with the intention of eating desserts, not sushi or hot dishes, which impressed me, I thought it was Japanese sweets place, but I was wrong... I'll have to go there again to try their knife's skills.

Anyway, we went for the Matcha Sunday, a green tea ice cream with granola, azuki or red bean paste and date syrop with matcha brownie topping, was great, one of the best I've eaten, the touch of matcha powder as topping and its combination with the granola was a totally success, not instead the green tea tiramisu, for me, that dessert is not even close to a real tiramisu at all, it can not be called like that, this GT buttery cream is an offense to traditional Italian dessert, but  I must say that my daughter liked the Oreo’s base. We also enjoyed the Matcha Strawberry short cake, very well done and it has a real good balance, very fresh, lovely spongy and with nice proportion of each element, finally we loved the Matcha frappe iced milk shake, it's good quality matcha presence is questionless.

As I said before, the service was very poor, the staff limited only to take the order. Although I have to say that when we were about to leave, the kitchen team thanked us in a very Japanese and pleasantly way.

Address:  29 Thurloe Place. South Kensington. 
SW7 2HQ. London
Ph: 02075890018

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