Sushi Show, sometimes less is more!

publicado 12/2/16
Walking around Angel with my wife and daughter, we found a little "new" sushi spot, one of those traditional, family and authentic Japanese eight seats restaurants with more than a lovely staff, great plain atmosphere, really fresh ingredients and the most important thing, very good sushi. 

Sometimes, less is more, and definitely this is one of those cases, a humble and unpretentious menu with a few twist, like the saba (mackerel) dynamite maki  or the traditional (huge one) chicken teriyaki futomaki as well.  The otoro nigiri (faty tuna sushi) and the uni (sea urchin) gunkan were amazing, the rice was at the proper temperature, size and seasoning, they were simple, perfect and fast. 

Otoro (fatty tuna) nigiri & Tekka Maki (tuna hosomaki)

Ikura (salmon roe) & Fresh Uni (sea urchin) Gunkan

They also have a little grocery market were you could buy some Japanese candies, sodas, snacks, sauces, ice creams, ingredients to cook at home, and pre -packed sushi (too cold for my taste, I must say) on a side of the store, so you may think twice before to go to London central to buy good nihon stuff. If you worried about the prices, take it easy, they 100% reasonable.  

Japanese grape Fanta

If you are a real Sushi Lover who loves to enjoy a good piece of sushi with a nice sake or cold Japanese beer, let me tell you...  They don't have alcohol license, so you must do what I did, or drink a Ramune, maybe a green tea!

We really enjoyed the experience, definitely we are going back, to be honest, I cannot wait to do it!

Domo arigato Sushi Show, and for the rest of you guys, itadakimasu ^O^

Sushi Show
Address:  28 Camden Passage. Islington

London UL. N1 8ED
Ph: 02073541329
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